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2 Mayo 2019: Triboulet + Afterglow + Grand Reunion @ Batuta, Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile.
25 Mayo 2019: Sabbath Age + Drink Inc. + Bloody Engine + Grand Reunion @ Rock & Guitarras, Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile.
19 Junio 2019: Domo + Grand Reunion @ Bar de René, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.
4 Julio 2019: Sonidos Ocultos Piscodelia Vol.3: Gusano De Troya + Grand Reunion @ MiBar, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.
22 Agosto 2019: Grand Reunion + Banda Invitada @ MiBar, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.
22 Octubre 2019: Grand Reunion + Banda Invitada @ Bar de René, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.

From Madrid Muzikalia’s Grand Reunion Review


«In The Station, an LP WITH 8 songs in English and Spanish that talk about feelings and peculiar situations, forming a universe of its own, a somewhat mystical, in which strange female characters, encounters with extraterrestrial entities, ritual sacrifices and Ancestral beliefs. In General we talk about powerful rock, close to the hard rock of the 70, although with psychedelic passages, outbursts and a personal touch of afrolatin rhythms.»

From Madrid, Spain by Fidel Oltra / Muzikalia.

New Single «Drivasse» on ARFM Unsigned Show

We want to share with you all this transmission from London of ARFM Unsigned Show
hosted by Colin Noble where our second single «Drivasse» plays along with a tremendous playlist made up of incredible bands from all corners of the world.

DPRP Dutch Progressive Rock Page New Review


«In The Station is the debut album by the Chilean band Grand Reunion. You won’t find many progressive clichés here. In fact, you may not consider this to be a progressive rock album. But who cares, when you have a bunch of good songs? The band says that ‘experience and friendship’ are the source that gives life to Grand Reunion, and after hearing this album, I am sure that is true, because you can feel that chemistry that you can only feel in a debut album. You know what I’m talking about: no over-production, a garage sound, like a live album, but a real retro-rock sound from the rehearsal room.

The music in this album is full of energetic, noisy and fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll in the seventies vibe, including organs and some Latino percussion lines (great use of bongos). I haven’t listened to the classics of the 70s but I really like the band Black Mountain, and the Grand Reunion sound could be something similar but maybe without the indie punch.

In The Station has eight songs, four of them sung in Spanish and four in English. From the very begging of Eres Tan Serpiente, the listener can recognise the influences from the stoner, blues-infused rock, and heavy-psyche genres as well as that Black Mountain sound that I mentioned. For the second song, they use some spoken words about the universe, and cosmic sounds, before the song begins with great guitars and a captivating tempo. The title track follows, and this is the first sung in English and was chosen to be the first video single (watch it on the video link below). There is great percussion for this track, alongside some impressive guitar playing.

Bang Bang the Headband could be the perfect description of Grand Reunion’s sound. It has all the elements mentioned in the previous songs and in the next songs too. Almost eight minutes of great playing, lovely vocals and captivating rhythms. This is my favourite track.

Unfortunately it is follwed by Sombra del Terror, the only song on the album that I don’t like. I tend to treat its heavier sound and rhythm, with some dramatic voices, as an interlude for the last part of the album, which is great.

Drivasse, again in Spanish, starts slowly but grows through a pop rhythm, to a great guitar fuzzing at the end. Weedow starts with some kind of reggae sounds before progressing to a grand finalé including great choruses. It´s Alright closes the album in a softer and effective way.

So, you won’t find here the next big thing in progressive music, but if you like great songs that progress to great finalés, then this is your album. It’s growing on me with each listen, because the music is sincere, and I can feel that. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Grand Reunion do in the future.»

By Ignacio Bernaola (Dutch Progressive Rock Page –


New “In The Station” Album Review on The Obelisk


«In the Station doesn’t seem like anything too fancy at first. It’s produced cleanly, but not in any kind of overblown fashion, and Grand Reunion‘s songwriting is so solid that, especially the first time through their eight-track debut LP, it’s easy to say, “Okay, that’s another cool hook,” and not notice subtleties like when the organs turn to keyboard synth between opener “Eres Tan Serpiente” and second cut “Gordon Shumway,” or to miss the Latin percussion that Javier Tapia adds to Manuel Yañez‘s drumming, or the ways that guitarist Christian Spencer, keyboardist Pablo Saavedra, bassist Mario Rodríguez and Javier Tapia work to complement guitarist Cristóbal Pacheco on vocals. But all of that is happening, and as they make their way toward and through the eight-minute fuzzer “Bang Bang the Headbang,” through the soaring “Weedow” and into the acoustic-led closer “It’s Alright,” the character and maturity in Grand Reunion‘s songwriting shows itself more and more, inviting multiple listens in the most natural fashion possible: by making you want to hear it again.»
By JJ Koczan (The Obelisk).


The «Weedow» rises on Doomed & Stoned Show

We could not be happier on a day like this, because we were played again on the Doomed & Stoned Show, this time with our only and mighty «Weedow» song on their 13th episode of the fourth season, hosted by the maestros Billy Goate and Bucky Brown presenting Grand Reunion among bands like Clutch, High on Fire, Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Conan, King Buffalo, Windhand and so many others from the October Doom Charts!



«Bang Bang The Headbang» featured on Riff Haven

We are happy to have been featured in episode 102 of Riff Haven hosted by DJ Dan DeLion, with our track «Bang Bang The Headbang» closing the show after tremendous bands like All Them Witches, Queens of the Stone Age, Brant Bjork and Mos Generator.

Grand Reunion on the October Doom Charts


We are so glad to be present in the October Doom Charts with our debut album, alongside such good bands that we admire like Clutch, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, among many!


«The rock and roll flavors are immersed in psychedelic fuzz, drenched in southern comfort and hopped up with heavy hitting hooks. In The Station gets better with each listen and one to keep your ears on. Countless influences including Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, Jefferson Airplane, Graveyard, Blues Pills, and Grand Funk Railroad combine to create a uniquely heavy album with modern underground appeal.

What really impresses me on repeat listens is how the tribal bongo drum sounds are so loud and so intoxicating. Something you don’t hear enough of in the genre and they really make the whole thing work and work well. TURN IT UP LOUD!»

by Bucky Brown (The Ripple Effect)


Grand Reunion opening on Doomed & Stoned Show


«It’s been one hell of a busy month, but Billy Goate from Doomed & Stoned and Bucky Brown of The Ripple Effect managed to carve out time to talk about their favorite cuts from this month’s edition of the Doom Charts from Here are the Top 25 albums that obsessed our listening as summer’s days came to a close and fall leaves started turning. Listen for tons of new music, as well as a few chart climbers, including bands 1968, All Them Witches, Ape Machine, Arteaga, Backwoods Payback, Brant Bjork, Brimstone Coven, Conan Clutch, Demonauta, Druid, Dunbarrow, Forming the Void, Fuzz Evil, Grusom, La Chinga, Magmakammer, Plainride, Psychic Dose, Rivers of Gore, Space Metal, The Skull, Thou, and Witchskull with bonus tracks by Older Sun and Grand Reunion!»

by Billy Goate (Doomed & Stoned) and Bucky Brown (The Ripple Effect).



Grand Reunion sounds loud on More Fuzz Podcast


Between the bands Stoned Jesus, Dragonauta, Domkraft, The Skull, La Iglesia Atómica and more, Grand Reunion makes appearance with its recent single «In The Station» in the version 48 of podcast More Fuzz hosted by Mr. Weirdbeard «Get ready for another show full of heavy riffage!»