Experience and friendship give form to the vertex where six musicians meet, all of them with formation in different edges of the rock & roll genre, where they converge in a single and wide sound of their own, full of energy, mystical and noisy rock & roll. Among an expanded amalgam of influences you can notice about the psychedelic landscapes, the spirit of the classics 60-70’s and even 80’s, the body and weight of the street hard rock and the Afro-Latin rhythms of our continent, all incorporated into a contemporary sound. A few steps from launching our first album, which has been cooking over low heat for 3 years, La Gran Reunión counts every single second for the time to summoning all.


Cristóbal Pacheco – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitars.
Christian Spencer – Lead Guitars & Some Vocals.
Pablo Saavedra – Keyboards & Chorus Vocals.
Mario Rodríguez – Bass Guitars & Back Vocals.
Javier Tapia – Latin Percussions & Harmony Vocals.
Manuel Yañez – Drums & Percussions.